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  • How do we approach a post construction window cleaning?
  • What supplies and chemicals are required?
  • What about silicone caulking?
  • Who do our services cater to?
  • What do our services include?
  • Why hire a professional company like Howard's Window Cleaning?
  • Tips to protect glass during construction.
  • Partnering with Interior Cleaning Companies

Post-Construction Cleaning is also referred to as a 'Builders Clean' or as an 'Initial Clean'.

Once the dust has settled and you're almost ready to move in, contact Howard's Window Cleaning to schedule your post construction or renovation cleaning.

Howard's Window Cleaning has the equipment and experienced crews to do complete exterior new construction cleaning for office buildings, commercial buildings, schools, entire shopping centers, and medical complexes, hotels, and airports too and we have actual experience with every one of them. Our services include window cleaning, both exterior and interior, and commercial grade pressure washing. Our experience includes dozens and dozens of buildings cleaned annually.

How do we remove typical construction debris like adhesive, cement splatter, caulking, etc. off of glass?

Scrapers can be used to remove the following items as long as the glass is not defective, containing fabricating debris and glass fines:
  • plaster
  • taping mud
  • paint
  • texture
  • tape
  • stickers

Using a razor blade on cement will scratch glass. You cannot push or drag cement material across glass without it scratching. Chemical use is required.

Chemical Use: Cement splatter can be loosened and safely removed from glass with the aid of chemicals. We use Titan Laboratory's "MDR-B" Mineral Deposit Remover. Another product we use is called Oil Flo. It is a safety solvent cleaner also manufactured by Titan Laboratories. It is a specialized product for removing debris such as:
  • gum
  • candle wax
  • silicon caulk
  • roof tar
  • asphalt
  • tar
  • oils
  • tree pitch
  • mortar
  • adhesive stickers
  • stucco

If you would like more information about these products and other chemicals made by Titan Laboratories, visit their web site at:

Silicone Caulking

Removing silicone caulk from windows can be a very time consuming and tedious process. At most post construction window cleaning job sites, window installers leave silicone caulk on glass in the form of smears, finger prints, and globs. Oil Flo once again is our go-to product. Trying to remove these marks with a glass scraper, steel or copper wool pads, white nylon pads, just smears the caulking and does not effectively remove silicone from glass.

Our post construction services cater to:      
  1. Retail Storefronts and Entire Shopping Centers
  2. Restaurants
  3. Multi-Location Chain Stores
  4. Car Dealerships
  5. Office Buildings, Medical Parks, Hotels, Airports, and Schools
  6. Apartments, Townhomes, and Condos
  7. Industrial Facilities
Our services include:
  • Entrance areas
  • Building foundations
  • Parking lots and decks
  • Sidewalks and walkways
  • Dumpster pad and area cleaning
  • Loading docks
  • Drive-Through areas
  • Gum and Graffiti removal
  • Building Exteriors
  • Roof Wash

Post Construction Window Cleaning

The post construction clean is the most important clean that your windows will ever need. Our team has experience in all kinds of post construction window cleaning for both commercial and residential properties and we can remove even the most difficult of debris. We help to get your new windows looking new -as they should!

Reasons To Hire Professional Window Cleaners and Pressure Washers After A Building Project.
  1. Windows and the building structure itself have unique debris on them that would not normally be found during the usual operation of a building during its life cycle like paint, cement, silicon, glue, excessive dirt, and various other special residues.
  2. All it takes is one large scratch and a piece of glass can be ruined and glass is expensive!
  3. This is your project and you want the best result!

Why Hire Howard's Window Cleaning For A Construction Clean for windows and pressure washing vs a 'cleaning crew'?
  1. Residential and commercial maid services, although great at cleaning other surfaces do not usually have the expertise or tools for a specialized glass or pressure wash clean after a build.
  2. Our job is cleaning windows and structures, we have come across thousands of different window and pressure washing jobs and know how best to tackle each.
  3. We use top of the line official window cleaning equipment for scraping off debris.
  4. We use high end commercial grade mobile and trailered pressure washing units.
  5. We use proper techniques and take no short cuts.
  6. We are flexible on how we approach cleaning depending on the type of glass there is no one size fits all.
  7. We do not hire cheap laborers or other cleaners to pre-clean the glass.
  8. We know what scratches glass and what does not.
  9. We have worked on large expensive glass projects with much success.
  10. For best results, schedule us last or as late into the project as possible so we are not called back for costly re-cleans.
It is very important to hire trusted professionals for an initial clean as they are called. Unfortunately, it is all too common that non window cleaners and unskilled pressure washers, or other tradesmen in the course of attempting to remove paint and other debris have inadvertently scratched the glass or structure itself. It happens. NO shortcuts should be taken. Post-construction window cleaning and pressure washing needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. Regular cleans are then usually much easier and quicker afterwards.

Tips For Protecting Your Glass During Construction
  1. Leave the glass installation till as late as possible in the process.
  2. Leave protective plastic coatings on the glass till the construction is finished.
  3. If there is no plastic cover then find a way to shield the glass.
  4. Make sure care is taken by the glazier when installing the glass.
  5. Care taken by tradesmen and other workers when working around the glass so as not to spray it with debris, bump it or cause other damage.
  6. Most scratches on glass occur from existing tradesmen on the job.
Following these tips will ensure that your glass is in the best state when it comes time for the clean, and once all post-construction window cleaning has been finished they will look brand new and contribute to your property to look its sparkling best!